Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why I Left Mary Kay.

This question was recently brought up by my two amazing "do" essential oil mentors, Dena and Val, and I thought the answer to be more than post worthy.

They both know that years ago I used to be an independent product consultant for Mary Kay.  I used to teach classes and most of my close friends and family used Mary Kay products from head to toe.  Dena and Val have recently asked me for info as to why I stopped using and selling Mary Kay.

Here is what I have to say about that.....

The book that changed my life is called "Green Babies, Sage Moms" written by Lynda Fassa (who believe it or not, I am friends with on FaceBook.  Crazy huh'?  She is an amazing woman.)  This is not a book just for someone who is pregnant, wants to be pregnant or even a mom.  This book is for anyone and everyone who wants an explanation of what is going on around us.  Lynda writes from her heart, sharing all that she has learned.  And it all makes sense.  From the foods we eat to the lotions and makeup we apply to our bodies every day.  This book discusses how candles and air fresheners are harming our kids and the real truth behind hair coloring and our favorite mani's and pedi's.  I highly recommend you buy and read this book.  Highly.

In Lynda's 2nd chapter, titled "Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep" I found information that rocked my world and I have never been the same.  Thank God, I have not been the same.  She referenced a 2004 British study in the Journal of Applied Toxicology that cited parabens as a "cause for concern."  As a former 7 year Pharmaceutical Representative, this, of course intrigued me.  So I headed to google to find this study and dissected it myself.  Here it is.

Basically what this study showed was 20 women, who had breast cancer, donated their surgically removed tumors to science.  And scientists found trace amounts of parabens inside all 20 tumors.  Scientists, then of course, concluded that there was a link between parabens and breast cancer.  Parabens are NOT a naturally occurring element in our body, so how did the women get the parabens inside their tumors??

And as most of you know, studies have linked products containing parabens to a variety of hormone disorders, including underdeveloped testes in infant boys, to quote Lynda Fassa.

"Over and over, parabens have been linked to cancer in lab animals."  "In lab tests on sunscreen that contained parabens, fish and frogs began to change sex, from male to female."  There are safe sunscreens to buy and make yourself.  But for the most part the sunscreens on the shelves are doing more damage than they are helping us.  Sick....I know.

To quote The Cancer Prevention Coalition, a nonprofit advocacy group, "The cosmetic industry has been as reckless as the tobacco industry and the FDA has remained silent."

Common parabens to look for on your labels are...

"About 99% of all consumer cosmetics contain one or more parabens, a group of powerful preservatives that extend a product's shelf life."

All of this makes me sick!  WHY in the heck (submit a different word there) are these chemicals still allowed in our body care and makeup products??????????????

Why are chemical ingredients banned in other countries that are allowed here in the U.S.????  WHAT IS GOING ON??????

I can't control the FDA.  Heck, I can't even control my own kids or my life, but I CAN inform YOU of what is going.  I can teach you what to LOOK for when you are at the store deciding on what product to put in your cart.  And if you can't get it at your local store, you have Amazon.

So, please start reading labels.  If you put it on you or you put it in you BE INFORMED about what is in it. Take responsibility for yourself.  No one else is going to do it for you.

It took me 3 days to muster up enough courage to go look at the ingredients in my Mary Kay products,after finding the study I referenced above.  When I did, I was shocked.  A few of the Mary Kay products had 4 different parabens in them, not just 1, but all 4 of the parabens used in 1 product!!!!!!  And all but 2 or 3 of them had at least 1 paraben in them.  So, obviously, I stopped selling Mary Kay.  I sent back what inventory I had left and was refunded at 60% of the value, if I remember correctly and, get this.....I was blacklisted.  Blacklisted=I would never be able to sign up and sell Mary Kay products again, for the rest of  my life.  To that I replied, that is fine...if you don't green your products up, why would I want to sell them anyway??  If I was selling something that could have been causing cancer in my family and friends than I was D.O.N.E.!

I then switched to Mineral Fusion for all of my makeup products, and I love them.  I buy them at Whole Foods, Earth Fare and Amazon.    

I make my own facial cleanser, my moisturizer, eye makeup remover and hair gel is organic virgin coconut oil that I buy here and I buy my shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion and hairspray from Whole Foods.  Whole Foods has a generic line called 365 and I pay $4.99 for a 32 oz fl oz bottle of their shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion.  

I buy the unscented shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion.  I put the body wash into a 16 oz glass bottle with a lotion type pump that I buy from here and then add my own "do" essential oils to make one FABULOUS concoction (click here to see that post)!!!!  If you have any questions about "do" message me or click here.  Their essential oils are the absolute best in my opinion.  And the only essentials oils I will use or recommend.

So.... that is why I quit selling Mary Kay products.

You can reference the Environmental Working Group to see how your body care products measure up.  It is a very cool website and they even have an app now.

Keep living green.  Make a step every day.  Even if it is a little one.


  1. Thank you Kerri, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to put this article together. It breaks my heart to see someone fighting illness while paying good money to put harmful chemicals on and in their bodies. This is a keeper!

  2. I am so glad you posted this. I have recently left another multi-level company for many of the same reasons you have posted above for leaving Mark Kay and they are still chasing me.. (weird, huh?) I will look into that book and will respond in kind if they do not stop with the emails. How many times do I have to say no? LOL


    1. Hi Teri, I highly recommend Lynda's book! I don't know how I didn't see your post. Please forgive me. I hope they stopped chasing after you. Keep striving for GREEN! Blessings, Kerri

  3. Thanks for this informative article. I've been really studying up on the harmful ingredients of parabens and toxic metals in products. I was recently a MK Consultant but stopped. 1. Because I didn't enjoy it, and 2. because of my study on chemicals. Thanks for the Mineral Fusion line. I'll have to check it out. I saw that Target also sells that line. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Jen! You are very welcome. I am now using and loving Ava Anderson's mineral powder foundation and I love it. :-) I still use Mineral fusion for everything else.

  4. Wow...thank you for this information!

  5. I just recently left Mary Kay after learning about these chemicals as well. Glad to see more ladies on board with safer skin care! :)

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    2. Hi Crystal! Happy to hear from another GREEN sister!

  6. What chemicals are in Mary Kay and what products have them? I don't want to use.
    I have been looking into Younique makeup.

    1. Hi Anonymous! Back when I wrote this it was all the parabens. There are 5 possible parabens that are used as preservatives in makeup, lotions, shampoos, etc. I wrote about them in this article. I remember one Mary Kay product had 4 out of the 5 of the possible parabens in it. If you contact your Mary Kay consultant, she should be able to answer that question. I just looked at the ingredients on the Mary Kay products and researched what each ingredient is. It was scary.

      I hope and pray they have changed the ingredients they use by now. But I don't know that for sure.

      I have started to use Younique too. Though I was surprised after I had bought the products, some products do have aluminum in them. We need to stay completely away from aluminum too. Make sure you read your labels.

      I love Ava Anderson's line. A friend of mine sells it, if you are interested.

      Keep Living Green!!!